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Dave Klecha
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Greetings and welcome to my corner of LiveJournal.

By day, I'm an Info Tech Consultant, working for a company that, of all things, specializes in computer hardware and software for dentists. Yes, dentists.

Fascinating line of work.

By night, I like to think that I'm a writer. Don't do much writing, sadly, but I suspect that will change some day. Can't just stare at a blank screen forever, after all. At various times I have been writing for pay in online markets, proofreading, and slushreading, but right now I'm doing none of those. Sad, really.

What isn't sad is that I have a wonderful wife and two wonderful kids, with one more on the way (kid, not wife). We live in something vaguely resembling pseudo-rural suburbian splendor (or is that pseudo-suburbian rural splendor?) just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan.